EAASI Europe Office:
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Brussels - Belgium

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Technical Services di Chiari Gianni
Via Socini 34/H - 42122
Reggio Emilia
phone +39 0522 554176
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27 - 29 SEP 2011


An international meeting point - EAASI:

The Association is open to all sorts of co-operation and welcomes the opportunitiy to work together with other international Associations in the industry to set up those synergies in Europe which can help attain common goals. This is a sort of summary of what EAASI aims at.
Any co-operation would be highly appreciated.
Any device is useful.
Any constructive criticism will help us improve

Let's show off our best - TRAINING:

For both company staff and Operators in the field. The changing world of technology together with the growing demand for ever more breath-taking rides entail the need for a qualified continuous training aimed particulary at those in the industry with technical responsibilities.

Let's put on our best suit and step up to the occasions, anywhere, anytime -

Each year millions of people resort to amusement rides at parks and carnivals to enjoy themselves and spend some entertaining quality time. In a global market you need global regulations.To create awareness to the growing problem of safety facing the international ride industry and give the various standardisation committees a chance to meet and discuss possible collaboration, research and information-sharing plans will be promoted with the contribution of Park Experts, Showmen, Certification Bodies, and relevant Authorities.

Let's work together for the success of our guild - MAINTENANCE:

Besides good design and good manufacturing, good maintenance is of utmost importance to keep rides in good and safe working conditions. Specific courses in different fields (mechanics, structures, electronics, oleodynamics etc.) tailored to the needs of maintenance staff will be organised.

There is strength in numbers, and let business take care of the rest - IMAGE:

Entertainment in parks and at carnivals has its roots deep in history. For generations it was an occasion to meet and share community feeling of safety and friendliness. This image has faded and is not abreast with the times . An issue high on EAASI's agenda is to work with the European Associations of Parks and Showmen to re-launch the profile of both park and carnival entertainment, as well as to upgrade the industry's image with the public Authorities. Fun fairs were the spontaneous results of the need of people to celebrate and socialise and have become part of a tradition which is here to stay.










The virtual Show

Web Amusement Expo


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